"I would listen to Victor's story over and over again. It is a story of the spirit, resilience and goodness of a young man overcoming the violence in his home, and having the inner strength to create a better life for himself and his family. I find his story incredibly compelling and ultimately uplifting, and it leaves me with immense respect for this man. " - The late Paul Wellstone, UNITED STATES SENATOR

"Victor's contribution to the movement to end domestic violence is unparalleled. Here is this big, athletic and talented guy saying that it is wrong to hurt women and children. He serves as a role model for men and a ray of hope for all victims of abuse. His story has much to teach everyone, not only about the impact of domestic violence on children, but also about what communities can do to help stop the violence. " - Lynn Rosenthal, White House Special Advisor on Violence Against Women

"Victor's story of courage and triumph exposes his soul. He makes each of us believe that our life experiences are shared best when they lift other lives. " - Congresswoman Donna F. Edwards

"Domestic violence is the dirty little secret of the Latino family. Victor Rivers has the courage to acknowledge it, to confront it and to say-no más. Enough is enough. We can and we must be better than that." - Alex Abella, Journalist; Author, "THE KILLING OF THE SAINTS," "THE GREAT AMERICAN"

"Victor's gift, his story, tells us that the cycle of violence can be broken. His message is simply that men can be strong without abusing women or children. My hope is that my three grandsons grow up to be the kind of man Victor is. " - Cheryl Howard, Former Executive Director ILLINOIS COALITION AGAINST DOMESTIC VIOLENCE

"His story of survival and transformation is telling of the beauty of accomplishment and triumph that a determined youth, caring community, and loving family can create from the ashes of hardship and trauma. Victor Rivers' story has put tears in the eyes of dignitaries and hope in the hearts of countless survivors. I look forward to sharing his encouraging story with many more young people and survivors of abuse. " - Rose Pullian, Executive Director VERMONT NETWORK AGAINST DOMESTIC VIOLENCE; former Executive Director, ALABAMA COALITION AGAINST DOMESTIC VIOLENCE

"Victor Rivers tells his story with so much power, dignity and courage, one can not help but be moved. His story is proof that abused children can be helped and can move past their abuse into a productive life. " - Lieutenant Mike Hertica (Ret.), Marriage and Family Therapist; Author, "GROWING FREE"

"When Victor Rivers spoke to our conference attendees, it gave us hope for change and recovery again. His message is clear and vital to understanding the consequences of abuse and to ending the cycle of abuse in families. His male perspective is just what our movement has needed. I know without a doubt that his speaking work will help more people understand their part in helping to end violence." - Jae Marciano, Executive Director FAMILY VIOLENCE & SEXUAL ASSAULT INSTITUTE; INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON DOMESTIC VIOLENCE

"Victor's compelling and powerful story was a highlight of our PBS documentary on domestic violence. His commitment to teaching young people about the devastating effects of family violence on his own life and his inspiring courage in breaking the silence and journeying toward hope have elicited amazing responses from our viewers."- Dominique Lasseur, Catherine Tatge, Producers/director/writer, "BREAKING THE SILENCE: JOURNEYS OF HOPE" Award-Winning Independent Producers - PBS

"At the end of the summer of 1972, a strapping sixteen year old kid that my son Rocky (actor Steven Bauer) knew from the football team came walking into our house, his few life's belongings of sports gear and clothing slung over his shoulder on hangers. I had been warned by other parents in our community that taking Victor into our home was unwise, even dangerous; he had come from a violent home, he had been in a gang. But I decided that making him a part of our family was something I had to do, to take a chance, to try to make a difference. I have never regretted that choice. In fact, I am humbled and proud to have taken part in a miracle, to have become his 'other mother.' Victor's story will melt your heart, as he did ours. It will make you cry, and laugh for joy, and believe, as our family learned, that with love anything is possible. " - Lillian Echevarria Bethea, Victor Rivas Rivers foster mother