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Behind Elevator Doors

huff postBehind closed doors. Even elevator doors. That's where domestic violence usually occurs. We are disturbed by its aftermath -- the bruising, black eyes, broken bones -- but not enough to take real action as a team, a league, or even a nation.

This week, after TMZ released the video of Baltimore Ravens' Ray Rice punching his then fiancé now wife Janay Palmer in the head and knocking her unconscious, the Ravens immediately released Rice and the NFL suspended him indefinitely.

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Victor Rivers Connects

huff postAnyone who knows my story most likely knows that some of my most important angels are teachers. Last month I had the honor of visiting Venice High School at the invitation of an English teacher and friend Dennis Danziger—who is a hero and a champion helping to change his students lives. 

Gracias to him for his kind words, to his fellow teachers at Venice High, and to all of the students who took the time out of their schedules to attend the assembly. You all are the next generation stepping up as leaders in stopping domestic violence.

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A Private Family Matter Video

greenie filmsA Private Family Matter (Part One) is a dramatization of testimony given by actor & activist Victor Rivas Rivers in support of congressional reauthorization of the Violence Against Women Act with funding for all victims and communities.

For more information about how domestic violence should be everyone’s issue and what you can do to make sure that love never hurts, go to




Your Voice Counts

verizonThe Verizon Foundation created this 30-second "Your Voice Counts" public service announcement featuring Victor with sportscaster James Brown speaking with survivors of domestic violence about the importance of speaking up against this kind of abuse.

"Your Voice Counts" speaks to the role of men in the movement to end domestic violence and shows how their voices can make a difference. The PSAs appeared on Verizon's FiOS TV network, websites and Verizon Wireless Mobile TV networks.

The Verizon Foundation lists five ways ways men can speak up against domestic violence, and gives advice on how to start the conversation with others.